Cool drinks, juicy meat_ the 5 best grill hacks for the winter

A steak from a pan is just not the same! For most people, autumn is not only the end of the hot days, but also the last breath of grilled meat, baked potatoes and herb butter, the unique smell of which has been a regular feature of the neighbourhood until now. But even in winter, real grill masters don’t shy away from throwing a juicy piece of meat on the grill. With the following grill hacks, this will also become an experience – for you and your guests!

Grilling in winter – BBQ at the campfire

A super alternative to the conventional grill is the campfire. Wrap the meat, potatoes and vegetables in aluminium foil and place everything next to or directly on the hot coals – depending on the recipe and food. After turning once, everything becomes as tasty and tender as from the grill. The big advantage: The campfire provides a cosy warmth while everyone waits for food.

Winter challenge: Light the grill – preferably with briquettes.

Thanks to wind and cold, you can sometimes reach your limits in the cold season when it comes to lighting the grill quickly and effectively. But we have the ultimate grill hack: egg cartons! Yes, that’s right. Place an egg carton as centrally as possible in the grill, fill it with charcoal, which you distribute around it as normal and light the carton. As soon as the charcoal burns, the heat can spread evenly. By the way, in winter a grill with lid is better suited (e.g. a kettle grill), because it can keep the heat longer, the food stays warm and therefore less fuel is needed. In addition in the winter briquettes are recommended instead of grill coal, because these hold the glow with low temperatures much longer.

Idea for grilling in winter: The right way to handle cool blonding

Of course, the obligatory beer should not be missing also in winter. Unlike in summer, it is not difficult to keep it cool here. On the contrary: at sub-zero temperatures you should take appropriate precautions to prevent glass bottles from bursting due to the cold. Here a normal sleeping mat is used. Cut it open and glue it piece by piece around the beer bottle. This protects the bottle from bursting due to the cold and still keeps your drink cold enough to enjoy it. Another advantage is that you can hold it so much better in your hand. Alternatively, mulled wine tastes delicious with bratwurst. Here the taste decides.

Grilling: Recipes for delicious desserts

Especially in the pre-Christmas season desserts are the order of the day. Your guests won’t have to do without them even when barbecuing! You can prepare homemade waffles with a special cast iron waffle iron that is simply placed in or next to the coals. The classic at the barbecue is the chocolate banana. Cut the bananas lengthwise and cover it with small pieces of chocolate. After a short time on the grill, a first-class dessert is created that you won’t want to miss at any time of the year.

Grill recipes with fire – sharpness provides for warmth from inside

The fact is: hot makes warm! Well seasoned meat, fiery sauces and a splash or two of Tabasco are good cold killers when grilling. Since tea simply does not go well with a real barbecue in the snow, hot spices such as chili, pepper and paprika can provide the necessary hot flushes in the cold. A few crunchy spicy jalapeño in the salad and your guests will quickly forget the sub-zero temperatures around them. So in winter nobody has to do without the tasty smoky barbecue enjoyment – you just have to know how to help yourself.

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