Kitchen glove – Buying guide 2019

When it comes to cooking, we must protect ourselves from the different risks that we have to face, such as burns or cuts. Because, although eating pleasure, the kitchen is a place full of things that cut, pricking, or burning. But what kind of gloves do you need for your kitchen and how do you choose the best gloves for pizza oven? And since our hands deserve all possible care, made with suitable kitchen gloves, it is fundamental to our security idea. 

What is the best market kitchen glove?

 If you enjoy cooking and, above all, make your culinary preparations, you should never miss suitable kitchen gloves to protect you from burns, cuts, and others. The kitchen gloves market is large, so you must know what type of gloves you need depending on the usage you give them.

To better know these products and know what to look out for when buying an inexpensive and useful torque, we leave you with our guide to buying the best kitchen glove, so that your investment a success.

Shopping guide

Type of gloves

When we think of oven mitts, the first that come to mind are oven mitts, though, the truth is that there are many more types of gloves intended for use in the kitchen and, depending on the particular purpose thereof, shall be within one category or another.

On the one hand, we found oven mitts that, in turn, are divided into two different types: fabric and silicone. Thermal gloves are to protect us from burns when working with the furnace, barbecues, etc.

You can also find disposable gloves, either plastic or other more durable materials. Suitable for pre-cooked preparations, such as mixtures, mass cut food … and prevent the proliferation of bacteria and food hand-contamination.

Finally, also for cooking, but not so well known at the domestic level, but professionally, are anticorte kitchen gloves. They are placed in the non-dominant hand and serve to protect us from accidents and cuts when cutting or despiezamos meat and fish.

Clothing materials

If you’re thinking about getting a good pair of kitchen gloves in any comparison of oven mitts you make, it is necessary that, far from thinking about how much a model or another or in your design, you should take notice of their manufacturing materials . Especially if you’re worried about getting the protection you really need.

Kitchen gloves cloth is made, at least in one side, in heat-resistant materials such as Teflon or aramid present in professional thermal gloves. These materials can isolate the hands of the high temperatures generated in ovens and barbecues, allowing them to cook without danger of accidents.

In turn, especially mitten type models feature a padded finish that gives us comfort when grabbing hot items. Other materials present in these gloves are cotton or polyester, although it is necessary that if a synthetic material is appropriately treated to prevent burning from heating contact.

Also, to protect against burns, gloves are silicone heat that isolates us and is very helpful in removing trays from the oven. Besides, they can be washed in the dishwasher so that cleaning will be effortless.

Focusing now on the cut-resistant gloves kitchen, we find different models depending on the level of protection for them.

On the one hand, there are mesh gloves, which are made of a mesh stainless steel design with five or three fingers depending on what you need and commonly used in the professional sector in the domestic, due to high cost thereof.

Furthermore, and more affordable to the general public, are gloves of synthetic fibers, which also include a mesh surface in its entirety, but woven textures such as nylon, polyester and fiberglass for protection models intermediate and Dyneema, a braided material which is up to 15 times stronger and more resistant than steel, present in the models high degree of surge protection.

If you do not want or can not invest too much in one of these anticorte gloves, no problem. As you are no butcher or what you use, in principle, for yourself, but for cutting and filleting meat and fish, with a right glove intermediate protection will have more than enough, thus saving money on your investment.

As for disposable gloves, you’ll find everything from the typical transparent plastic glove to the latex, vinyl or nitrile. You can choose according to your needs and preferences touch.

Sizing and design

Although this is a purely personal matter that of its main features, it is also essential to know that many different types of oven mitts depending on their design, regardless of the purpose for which they were manufactured.

And, on the one hand, we find the type mitten gloves, which can put the whole hand, or in case, with separate space for the thumb. And on the other hand, we have five fingers gloves, and you can dons in his hand as if it were a conventional glove. This type of gloves does require proper sizing, because, otherwise, the protection capacity would be reduced. They are usually available in different sizes from s to xl, so you choose the right one for you.

Also within the anticorte gloves, gloves found three fingers, which protects our fingers we used to hold the meat. Although, if you need to invest in one of these models, it is preferable to choose one of five digits, since protection is integral.

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