Perfect Pizza_ 10 Easy Tips for Italian Pizza

Whether at noon, after work or at the end of a long night, pizza always goes. Admittedly, pizza in Germany often has little to do with the original. But the pizza actually only consists of three elements – dough, sauce and cheese. Can’t you do a lot wrong? And yet it never tastes as good at home as it does with an Italian. What do professionals do differently? We reveal the insider tips for a perfect pizza!

Never mix the salt with the yeast.

In many recipes you read that you have to mix all the dry ingredients for the dough and then add the water. This is wrong because salt and yeast do not mix. Therefore: Add the salt only after you have kneaded the dough for five to ten minutes, the mixture has been allowed to draw a little and the consistency already fits.

Never add olive oil to the dough too early.

Here we have a similar case to the one before: Often instructions say that the olive oil should be added directly with all other ingredients – but that is simply wrong. The olive oil can cause the flour not to absorb the yeast and the dough not to rise properly. Therefore: The olive oil comes only completely at the end in the dough, it is the last ingredient. 

Use less yeast

The packet of your yeast lies: It says that you should use a whole packet for 500 grams of flour. That’s not true for pizza, because you don’t want the dough to taste just like yeast. Depending on how long it takes to go, you can use much less yeast – which gives your pizza a much better taste. A really good dough will do pretty much without yeast. If you want to know more about dry yeast or fresh yeast, you can find background information here.

Prepare the dough early

A good dough takes time, because pizza is absolutely no fast food. If it has to go fast, the dough should be left to stand for at least four hours. But 24 hours is better, but it becomes really aromatic when it is left to steep for even longer. Another bonus: It is clearly much more digestible.

Do not bake salami

Salami is the most popular German topping for pizza. Here, too, you can make a mistake: Many people already put the salami on the pizza before baking – but you should avoid this as much as possible. The salami can burn and become dry, the fat runs out and drips onto the pizza. Better: Put the salami either shortly before the end on the pizza or even when it is out of the oven. Normally the pizza is still so hot that the salami can bake on the finished pizza. But of course, the salami has to be cut very thin, which should always be a prerequisite for a pizza.

The perfect pizza dough needs patience

The most important ingredient in dough? Yeast. And you shouldn’t put them under pressure. That’s why the dough is especially good when it goes long. It’s best to prepare the dough tomorrow or the day before – 12 hours of rest should be planned for the perfect pizza. Then, of course, the dough is rolled out very thinly.

Make the tomato sauce yourself

You should make the tomato sauce yourself. On the one hand this is very simple, on the other hand it is much cheaper than the purchased version. It is best to use canned tomatoes, as they are harvested ripe and usually more aromatic. Simply puree cold, salt and add some oregano and basil to taste. Done!

Use only mozzarella cheese

The classic Pizza Margherita is topped only with tomato sauce and mozzarella – and perhaps a few basil leaves. Other types of cheese have no place on an original pizza. But don’t choose the light version for mozzarella – treat yourself to a cheese with a regular fat content.

The perfect pizza likes it hot!

A real wood stove makes the pizza especially crispy – but you rarely have it at home. That’s why it’s important to get the most out of your oven. In other words, turning it into top performance. Set the oven to the highest temperature there is and preheat it for about ten minutes. Important: Do not use circulating air, but top and bottom heat.

Pizza bakers don’t look at the clock

It’s the stove. There is no perfect time for the perfect pizza. The cooking time varies greatly according to oven, heat and topping. Keep looking in the oven and trust your eye whether the pizza is ready or not. Enjoy your meal!

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