Warm up pizza leftovers_ With this trick she becomes perfect!

Anyone who wants to warm up pizzas from the previous day is faced with the question: How?! Oven, microwave, toaster, grill or pan? This is the ideal crispy solution.

Pizza is definitely too good to throw away! In the – quite unusual – case that there are leftovers of the delicious pizza, they either end up overnight in the fridge (best in an airtight container or wrapped in cling film – then they can be kept for up to three days!) or remain in the pizza box (should not stay longer than 2 hours at room temperature).

 5 ways to warm up pizza – only one is ingenious

The most obvious way to warm up the leftovers the next morning is often the microwave. But this is often followed by disappointment: the pizza becomes muddy or too hard.

The second option is the oven. But even this is not a perfect solution for an already baked pizza. The danger is far too great that it either burns and chars or is not completely heated.

The third option is far too cumbersome: unpack the grill, spread out the aluminium foil and grill the pizza scraps. But let’s admit it: the effort is far too great to warm up the pizza.

Then there’s the fourth option: the toaster’s roll top. Put a piece of pizza on top and let it heat from below under observation. Sounds smart, but has its pitfalls: On the one hand, the pizza piece becomes irregularly warm: while the base is already crispy, the topping is only slightly warmed. On the other hand, you run the risk of parts of the topping – such as the melting cheese – falling into the toaster. This means a mess on the one hand and a fire hazard on the other.

Warm pizza leftovers in the pan

WITHOUT butter or oil in the pan, fry the pizza pieces on medium strength for a few minutes. The result is impressive: crispy bottom and slightly melting cheese. For a perfect result, cover the pan with the pieces of pizza with aluminium foil. This way they become evenly warm. The pizza from the pan actually tastes like freshly prepared – if not even better! Tip: Warming up professionals can spice up the pizza with additional toppings (e.g. ham, cheese, olives) or spices (e.g. oregano, paprika powder, pepper). Enjoy your meal!

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